Collection C.19 – Wall for Life

We decided to hit the virus with design, the elegance and the know-how of Made in Italy.

All of us feel the need to re-experience conviviality, relax and fun in our usual places. We want to do that while respecting rules and preserving our health and that of our relatives.

Together with Tosca Design and Opaca Lab we have designed a system of dividing panels: thanks to a careful selection of materials, this is the solution to protect us from Covid 19 without compromising on beauty, in order to safely resume our lives and work activities with style.





The Collection C.19 – Wall for Life stems from two fundamental concepts: health awareness and the search for emotions.

We have thought about the owners of any kind of commercial activity, from restaurants to beauty salons, who invested time and money to create attractive places with their own image and style that can give emotions to customers. They will have to accept social distancing, but why not make it more pleasant? Why not replace the common – and even oppressive – dividers which are currently proposed, with an aesthetically pleasing solution, which is also safe and with a unique design?



The dividers of the Collection C.19 guarantee a better optimisation of spaces and allow to keep the production activity at almost normal levels.

A business that normally serves 10 tables can use only 5 of them without barriers. By using the dividers of C.19 Collection, the accommodation capacity increases to 8 tables. This allows all activities to maintain jobs and to best cover the fixed costs that they bear every day.


What does our C.19 – Wall for life Collection stand out for?
✔ Surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect with traditional products.
✔ The materials used act like a wall against viruses.
✔ Structures allow the correct air recirculation, unlike a closed box.
✔ Easy to transport and install, as well as suitable for different applications.
✔ Once the emergency is over, they can be reused as screens, partitions for private areas or decorations for shop windows.
✔ They guarantee a better space optimisation.
✔ They are visually attractive and give a touch of design.


The dividers of Collection C.19 allow respect for social distancing in any space, and optimize space in offices, gyms, libraries, co-working areas.