The pharmacy of the future

Our proposal for the pharmacy of the future combines attention to interior design, efficiency and functionality.
From the distribution of spaces to the organisation of products and windows, our concept develops around thematic areas dedicated to specific services, such as products for children, personal care and sports.

The light and neutral colours of the furniture match with the “oro anodic” details to give a sense of hygiene and cleanliness, always with a touch of elegance and style. The two Trick counters combined with the Clear dividers with wooden structure ensure the respect of distances and allow you to make your purchases in total safely.

Products used:

Behind the counter:

  • Wall uprights with rack system with back panel in painted chipboard. Adjustable glass shelves with depth 30 cm.
  • Drawers for pharmacy with soft closing system.

Children’s products area:

  • Rainbow wall uprights with oro anodic finish metal racks and LED light in the crossbar. Chest of drawers in white chipboard and adjustable glass shelves with depth 30 cm.

Personal care area:

  • Brique Counter with asymmetric configuration. Elements with mirror effect finish, brushed Champagne laminate and white chipboard.
  • Essence wall uprights, floor-to-ceiling modules. Upright in Canaletto walnut with metal elements oro anodic painted. Adjustable shelves in brown walnut chipboard, with depth 30 cm.

Sports and supplements area:

  • Rainbow wall uprights with backlit back panel in matt black chipboard. Matt black finish metal uprights with LED insertion in the crossbar and adjustable glass shelves with depth 30 cm.
  • Bifacial rotating display case with backlight graphics and glass shelves.