Es Concept Store

Es Concept Store boutique was born combining the green philosophy of Essence Capsule Collection with a trendy interior design project.
In the large open space in the city center, we have studied minimal furniture, designed to enhance the product in all its forms. The pastel colors of the walls, coordinated with the Venetian terrazzo floor, make the atmosphere welcoming and elegant. Arches and soft shapes are the strong points of the project, with niches obtained in the back counter and a plaster wall decoration that covers a part of the exhibition space.

Products used:

Welcome area:

  • Birdland counters with slatted front panel in Oak, sides in Sapphire Blue laquered. Backpainted glass top in black and metal legs in bronzo coated.
  • Essence wall uprights, floor-to-wall modules. Upright in oak wood coated with transparent water-based paint and metal elements bronzo painted. Adjustable shelves in marmo nero chipboard.
  • Set of small tables in oak wood coated with transparent water-based paint, metal parts in bronzo. Tops in marmo nero chipboard.

Wall unit