Boiserie Ecofusion

Using all the productive and creative resources to keep on developing eco-friendly ideas and products (Eco), while blending together experimentations with the most advanced technological solutions, which are at the same time functional, emotional and digital (Fusion).

In collaboration with arch. Maurizio Favetta was born our original and innovative Digital boiserie line, a new system which integrates artisanal culture and technology.


artisanal culture meets technology



Key features

The innovative Ecofusion boiserie system can be integrated with three different types of led displays (supplied by Macropix), for unusual visual effects.

The hidden uprights allow the usage of adjustable shelves and accessories.

Optional light points can be adjusted based on your needs (supplied by Ethos Illuminazione).

Frontal slats are available in walnut or oak wood finishes.

The back panel can be customised with the classic finishes of Hi Retail.


Technical details

Technical details Mood