Essence Capsule Collection

Our Essence Capsule Collection takes life from wood, the fundamental element of our production.
Essence comes from the Italian word “essenza”, which recalls the different types of wood. “Es”, which in psychology represents the voice of nature in the soul of man, and “sence”, which in sound reminds of the five senses that are stimulated to discover every detail.
The concept combines the warmth of wood and its eco-friendly nature with metal, which is used for its structural strength but is enhanced in every detail.
Not only formal details: Essence Capsule Collection hides an innovative rack system. Easy, functional and designed to enhance the solid wood.

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Green Philosophy

Green Philosophy  Mood

Birdland Counter, upright system and small table

Birdland Counter with slatted front panel in oak wood / side in matt white painted MDF / backpainted glass top in black / metal legs Bronze painted
Upright in oak wood with metal elements Bronze painted / shelves in white laminated plywood
Small table with top in water-printed plywood / legs in oak wood with metal elements Bronze painted