Pink is

Our proposal for the beauty and personal services world is refined, elegant, harmonious, to welcome the customer and make him feel at home.
A pastel-inspired shop furniture, in shades of light blue and powder pink with brass-painted inserts, is made captivating by the quote chosen for the back-counter wall. The shopfitting, in addition to the niche with the backlit shelving, is embellished in every workspace with our innovative wall galleries, which give to the product display functionality and design. Not only beauty but also ease and technology: thanks to the innovative magnetic attachment, allure and versatility come together in a single space.

Products used:

  • Birdland counter with slatted front panel in Oak, sides in Quartz Pink lacquered chipboard. Back-printed glass top with marble effect and anodic gold painted metal legs.
  • back counter with Linea 6 shelves in Quartz Pink lacquered chipboard with diffused LED light on top and on bottom.
  • custom chest of drawers in american oak chipboard and oro anodic details.
  • Rainbow wall uprights with oro anodic finish metal racks and LED light in the crossbar. Chest of drawers in Quartz Pink lacquered chipboard and adjustable glass shelves.

Hairstyle area:

Nail bar:

  • Custom make-up console in Quartz Pink lacquered chipboard.