Line 6

Technology, design and minimalism merge together to create a modern elegant solution that makes the products the center point and gives your shop an elegant atmosphere.
Lighting is a feature of this line and can be used on all pieces.
You can obtain the required mood altering the finish of the surfaces. The use of LED lighting and the right combination of the different surfaces make the wall panel like a painting where the garment is enhanced. The freestanding units look like a minimal sculpture where the items comes alive.



Wall elements and display structure

Wall mirror with perimetral LED lighting
Wall element with perimetral LED lighting / structure in iris yellow chipboard / metal hanging bar in matt black with LED lighting / shelf in crystal glass
Suspended chest of drawers in iris yellow chipboard with soft closing rails and strip LED
Display structure with platform and podium in iris yellow chipboard / metal frame in matt black / theca in crystal glass with security lock and adjustable spot LED / backlight on top