Enjoy – Food scenery

Enjoy, the Hi Retail line dedicated to the world of food, renovates and presents itself at Euroshop 2020 with the new concept of scenery. The modular products, which are skilfully assembled and mixed, give life to settings with a strong character and visual impact.

On Stage, The Cave and Vibrant – the coffee bar for your happy hour, coming soon – redefine the idea of meeting place, taking it to a higher level of style and design.

On Stage - bakery allure

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On Stage – bakery allure is the modern bakery, with dark tones and a specific lighting for the product, which becomes a star, like an actor in the spotlight. Visitors live a multisensorial experience: they lose themselves in the aromas and flavours of the products, which are highlighted by their displays in a suffused atmosphere.

The whole world remains outside: the acustic panels of the room cancel every external noise, leaving room only to relax.

The Cave - hybrid enoteca

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The Cave is our proposal for a contemporary wine shop, where quality wine stands next to beers with an original play of lights and mirrors.

Born from the redevelopment of an old warehouse, The Cave – hybrid wine shop keeps the structural and architectural features of the original building, adding a contemporary
touch thank to the exposed bricks plastered in sapphire blue, and to the mezzanine with the lounge tasting area.

The strong point of this project is the Ecofusion boiserie of the back counter, which is equipped with lights, smoked glass shelves and beer tap systems.